Stop Garnishments and Collection calls

Western Kentucky Lawyers For Stopping Garnishments

Wage garnishments and collection calls are stressful, but they can be stopped. By filing bankruptcy, you can obtain an automatic order of the court requiring creditors to stop all collection efforts and all garnishments — immediately. At Hopson & Parris, our mission is to guide you through the bankruptcy process as efficiently as possible so that you can start fresh.

Oak Grove Attorneys For Stopping Debt Collection

Our attorneys are very adept at finding the most efficient solutions for bankruptcy planning. We will work closely with you to determine whether you should file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will work hard to help you keep as many of your assets as possible. Additionally, as soon as you file, the court will place an automatic stay on all collection efforts — and you will feel immediate relief.

Many people are hesitant to file bankruptcy for fear of damaging their credit. They also worry that they will lose all that they have worked for and are afraid of what the neighbors will say. The truth is, facing bankruptcy has nothing to do with how hard you have worked or how prudent you have been. It is a result of unfortunate economic circumstances and can happen to anyone.

However, most people are able to keep their property. It is important to see an attorney early in the process to prevent unnecessary problems in a bankruptcy, including the needless loss of assets.

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If you are overwhelmed by collection calls and threats of wage garnishment, contact Hopson & Parris. Our lawyers will guide you through all of the stages of the bankruptcy process and help you get a new start. Contact our office at 270-301-5464 (Cadiz) or 270-885-2730 (Hopkinsville) today.

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